Jan 05, 2023 23:16

2023 Training Dates Announced

We are excited for another full year of training courses. We have integrated solid management practices and industry-specific best practice to develop a series of valuable courses.

Jan 05, 2023 17:15

Axalta’s 2022 Global Automotive Colour Popularity Report

With the release of its 70th annual Global Automotive Colour Popularity Report, Axalta revealed the top three automotive colours of 2022: white, black, and grey. First published in 1953, Axalta’s annual colour popularity report is the automotive industry’s longest running and most comprehensive colour account.

Nov 04, 2022 00:34

Global Defects Tech Tips Video: Pin Holes

Have you ever noticed tiny little holes in a repair area on a body panel? These are pinholes - a paint defect that can occur due to a number of different causes. Pinholes can be a frustrating defect because they show after all the work is done. Be sure to watch the latest video from our Global Paint Defects Series to understand the cause, prevention and remedy of this defect!

Mar 21, 2022 09:07

Axalta’s Fast Cure Low Energy technology – helping bodyshops across Europe cope with the energy crisis

The cost of living is increasing but what is hitting homeowners and businesses alike is the soaring cost of energy. In January 2022, the Eurozone saw energy prices increase 28.6%. For bodyshop owners across the region these rising energy cost could not come at a worse time. After two years of struggling during the pandemic, energy costs are spiking with no assurance that the increases will slow.

Apr 24, 2020 05:46

Mercedes-Benz AG Approves Standox Until 2023

Mercedes-Benz AG has renewed its approval of Standox – one of the premium, global refinish brands of Axalta (NYSE: AXTA), a leading global manufacturer of liquid and powder coatings. Effective 1 April 2020, Standox is once again approved for use across the Mercedes-Benz network in 11 European countries, until 31 March 2023.

Standox Colour Development
Mar 11, 2020 04:29

Trendy car colours: development, implementation and repair

According to the "Global Automotive Color Popularity Report 2019" from the paint manufacturer Axalta, grey came out on top in Europe in 2019. But how are future trends recognised and how are they then implemented in car paints? And above all, how are those colours then repaired? Whether or not a newly developed colour makes it onto a car can depend on whether it can be properly repaired.