Plastic repairs made easy with a new poster from Standox

Standox has an updated comprehensive poster available to professional refinishers detailing each stage of every type of plastic repair. The Plastic Repair Poster aims to speed up the plastic repair process and to help refinishers work more efficiently.

The Standox Plastic Repair Poster takes the guesswork out of plastics repairs. With clear and easy to follow images and instructions, it shows refinishers when to sand, to clean, to flash off, and tells them the best product to use at every step of the repair.

The poster is divided into six sections, covering:

  • New and unprimed plastic car parts
  • New and factory primed plastic car parts
  • Damaged plastic car parts
  • Gel-coated or factory primed UP composites
  • Full cover build Carbon Fibre Reinforced Plastic (CFRP)
  • Weave effect look CFRP

In some cases, parts can’t be repaired and must be replaced, for instance when a load-bearing part is made of a Carbon Fibre Reinforced Plastic, which could become a safety risk.

Professional refinishers should also remember that the quality of plastic substrates can vary. The release agents used during production can also differ, which can affect paint adhesion. The experts at Standox always advise to pre-test substrates to ensure that the pre-treatment is sufficient for proper adhesion.

For more detailed information about plastic repairs and how to avoid common repair errors, please contact your local Axalta Technical Representative or Distributor and ask them for a copy of the poster.