VOC-Xtreme-Plus Clear K9600 from Standox speeds up repairs

Standox adds a new clear to its Xtreme System to make bodyshops even more efficient. The Standocryl VOC-Xtreme-Plus Clear K9600 excels at low drying temperatures.

Standocryl VOC-Xtreme-Plus Clear K9600 was specially developed for drying at low temperatures; it dries within 10 to 15 minutes at 40°C, and at 20°C, in 30 to 55 minutes. Once cooled after forced drying, it can be polished immediately. The clear has the option to be applied in one step or in two spray coats. Thanks to its good filling power, it easily covers smaller specks and dust particles, which helps to reduce polishing. VOC-Xtreme-Plus Clear K9600 also has very good overspray absorption so is perfect for easy blending.

"Our VOC-Xtreme-Plus Clear K9600 is perfect for bodyshops that want efficient application, who have high throughput and who also want to reduce their operating costs," says Harald Klöckner, Training Leader for Standox Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

To take full advantage of the new clear, bodyshops should use the entire Xtreme System, including Standoblue Basecoat, VOC-Xtreme Wet-on-Wet Filler U7650, VOC-Xtreme Filler U7600 and the Express Prep Wipes U3000.

Standoblue Basecoat no longer needs to be activated under this new clear, which simplifies the process for the refinisher. The strength of the Xtreme System lies in the fact it provides optimal balance between energy savings and throughput. At low temperatures, energy consumption can be reduced by up to 70 percent. On the other hand, bodyshops can use the Xtreme System to reduce the time required for a standard repair - including flash-off and drying times - to around one hour, enabling higher throughput and making small repairs more profitable.

Olaf Adamek, Standox Brand Manager for EMEA, says, "Bodyshops can offer their customers a premium 1Day Repair service, returning their vehicle within a day or even within a few hours, thanks to the Xtreme System and VOC-Xtreme-Plus Clear K9600. We are offering Standox customers a solution for particularly fast and energy-efficient repairs that they can trust - for perfect, high-gloss results."

Further information on the Standocryl VOC-Xtreme-Plus Clear K9600 and the Xtreme System can be found at www.standox.com/K9600 and from Standox specialist advisors.

About Standox

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