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Digital colour management with the new Standowin iQ Cloud

The Standowin iQ Cloud is the simplest route to the digital Future.

With the unique Standowin iQ Cloud, from colour matching to colour mixing can be done entirely without a PC. And, thanks to a web-based database of over 200,000 constantly updated formulas and a package of mobile devices, you will always achieve optimum colour accuracy. What’s more, you also obtain reports summarising key performance data for your business.


Step into the digital future.

It’s up to you how fast you want to go with digitisation.

Standox digital colour management packages let you make your business future-proof one step at a time.

Complete digital colour matching with the Standowin iQ Cloud 100% Top solution includes:

  • the Genius iQ spectrophotometer for digital colour and effect measurement,
  • our web-based, constantly updated colour formula database,
  • wireless data exchange between peripherals such as label printers and the Sartorius PMA.Vision IP scale,
  • and links to other functions such as warehouse or order management, online ordering, overview of key figures, etc.

In addition to the 100% Plus solution features:

  • full mobility (also via hotspot)
  • no PC required in the mixing room
  • open network connection – additional scales easily connectable
  • easy installation and less maintenance


Standowin iQ Cloud 100 % Plus

A Genius iQ wirelessly connected to a network consisting of PC or tablet, scale and printer.

In addition to the 100% solution features:

  • improved colour matching through colour and effect measurement
  • enhanced ease of use with charging station
  • high mobility thanks to access via tablet or smartphone
  • possibility to separate colour measurement (job intake) and mixing tasks


WIFI and LAN-connection possible.

Standowin iQ 100%

A Genius XS connected to network via LAN (PC, scale, printer)

Objective colour measurement with:

• full access to always-current colour formulas

• data protection in the cloud

• no maintenance required

• easy networking

• 100% digital implementation

Your benefits with the Standowin iQ Cloud:

 Cable-free operation: Thanks to wireless connectivity.

✓ PC-free process: Thanks to the web-based colour formula database, the colour formula composition is no longer performed on the PC. The software for the entire colour management process is in the cloud and can be accessed via a web browser.

✓ Complete mobility: All orders can be sent via a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet to an IP scale, where the result can be mixed right away.

✓ Maintenance-free installation: You no longer need to manually update your system or back up your data as it is done automatically in the cloud.

Totally mobile.

Your team can access the Standowin iQ Cloud from anywhere using any browser-enabled device. That means everyone can do their part in the process - no matter if they are in the offi ce, in the mixing room or in the spray booth.

In short, Axalta’s wireless colour management technology allows Standox customers to operate more reliably, more effi ciently and in a more user-friendly way than ever.

Standox - Genius iQ Spectrophotometer

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With state-of-the-art digital colour management solutions from Standox you are ensured of the most accurate colour matching and handling.

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