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Peugeot’nun yeni özel renkleri için Standox oto tamir boyaları rehberi

Peugeot gave its 208 model a facelift in 2015. At its unveiling in the summer, the new-look 208 not only showed its new shape, but also its new visual appearance: colours in matt, textured paints. Standox technicians have taken a closer look and have produced a corresponding practical refinish guide.

At the première of the new Peugeot 208, the car manufacturer presented two of its new special colours, Ice Grey and Ice Silver – both of which combine a textured finish with a matt clearcoat. The surface, when touched, has a distinctive feel combined with a semi-matt gloss. This effect has not previously been seen in large-scale automotive production and poses a particular challenge for refinishers.

Standox has developed a detailed and practical guide that explains how to repair accident damage to both colours professionally. The technical datasheet S14_1 gives step-by-step advice on the volume ratio in which first the Standocryl VOC 2K Clearcoat K9550 and then the Standox Special Matt should be mixed in order to achieve the required degree of matt effect. At the end of the process, a texturing additive is included that provides the correct feel and gives the special textured effect.

Cleanliness and precision are not only vital for refinishers when mixing these products, but also during application, as this special effect paint is demanding. Because of the matt effect and the textured finish, dust inclusions or potential paint mistakes cannot be rectified afterwards by sanding or polishing. For this reason, the Standox guide contains precise advice for each of the spray passes, for the spray gun setting, for the spray distance, as well as for the flash-off and drying times.

The technical datasheet S14_1 can be downloaded from Interested bodyshops can also contact their local Standox representative for further information.


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