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Classic Colour Documentation

Automotive colours are subject to change; from fashion to innovative technology the choice of colour has come a long way.

But what if you want to see your classic car in its original finish? Or you are intrigued by the colour used on an iconic Mercedes-Benz?

The classic colour documentation from Standox, not only allows enthusiasts to get an approximation of how their classic car will have looked with its original paintwork. But also an insight, to what other colours were available at the time. However with factors such as weather damage and manufacturing differences altering each vehicle´s colour, an exact portrayal cannot be accurately depicted. Nevertheless with the aid of a professional refinisher, a precise match can be found, using colour tools such as the Genius Spectrophotometer.

Containing over 40 brands worldwide, the classic colour documentation from Standox is free to use.
See below to explore the gallery.