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Standox Consulting

Call or E-mail our Standox Consultant:

1234567 wbr.fnzcyr@nknygnpf.pbz



Turning opportunities into success.

You are already familiar with Standox as a producer of excellent automotive paint. But with high levels of practical support in more than 80 countries, Standox also passes its entrepreneurial and technical knowledge over to the body shops.

If you are looking to boost efficiency, retain more customers or simply attract more business, then Standox Consulting is here to help.

We offer our services in the form of six different modules, which can be selected and combined to meet the unique needs of your business.

For all enquiries please contact us, so we can aid you with your individual requirements.

  • Marketing & Sales
    With the help of our marketing training, we will help you to understand your customers and provide you with professional support for the preparation of a customised marketing plan.

  • Management & Organisation
    After identifying the strengths and weaknesses in your company´s structure, we will find improvement measures that are optimally tailored to your operation.

  • Safety, Health & Environment
    Companies today have a multitude of statutory and standard regulations to consider on matters of security, environmental protection or health and safety management. Our experts are on hand to advise and support you with the implementation of these tasks.

  • Product & Process
    To remain competitive, companies have to examine procedures and processes on a regular basis and improve them. We support you in this endeavor with sophisticated technologies, innovative products and helpful service offers to shape the core processes in the workshop as efficiently as possible.

  • Information and Communication Technology
    The constantly growing number of colour shades, special colour tones and variations make it more and more difficult to find the right shade using conventional methods. The task is made considerably easier with the help of computer-aided colour matching systems and the appropriate software.
    Our aim is to optimise your processes through the use of modern information and communication systems.

Standox Consulting

Call or E-mail our Standox Consultant:

1234567 wbr.fnzcyr@nknygnpf.pbz