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The fastest car refinish system with low energy consumption.

The Xtreme System opens an entirely new world of exceptionally fast process times. What’s more, it’s extremely economical in terms of energy consumption. The Xtreme System is the only product on the market that makes it possible to dry at 60°C, 40°C or even at 20°C. Which makes it exceptionally economical and flexible. Depending on your shop’s workload, you can choose between extremely fast drying, with high throughput, or extremely low energy consumption.

Xtreme forward-looking technology.

The patented Axalta technology behind the Standox Xtreme-System offers unimaginable product properties and provides for greater cost-effectiveness.


Xtreme speed.

Xtreme energy efficient.

Xtreme brilliance.

The Xtreme-System

Express Prep Wipes U3000 / New: VOC-Xtreme Wet-on-Wet Filler U7650 / VOC-Xtreme Filler U7600 / Standoblue Basecoat / Standocryl VOC-Xtreme Clear K9580

Xtreme System group render

New label:
Now with additional X symbol and magenta technology colour. This tells you immediately which products belong together and provides for greater processing reliability.

Opportunities for your bodyshop

Xtreme higher vehicle throughput.

Faster drying times let you reduce booth times enormously. That makes your operations more efficient. Because you’re able to finish more vehicles per day.

Xtreme low investment. 

Spray booths that are no longer able to reach a high temperature of 60°C do not need to be retrofitted. Shorter drying times at 40°C or 20°C avoid potentially higher investments.


Xtreme cost-efficient.

Accelerated drying times make small refinishing jobs more lucrative.

Xtreme focus on service.

Standox 1 Day Repair

By using fast-drying VOC-Xtreme Fillers and VOC-Xtreme Clear, you can offer your customers a premium “1Day Repair” service – so you’re able to return the vehicle the same day or even in just a few hours. That reduces costs for courtesy cars.

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