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Liquid metal effect_740x224

Liquid metal effect

Liquid metallic surfaces look more like a gleaming metallic membrane than a standard paint finish. It’s an effect that comes into its own on the bodywork of exclusive sports cars or high-end saloons. And it puts the skills of professional refinishers to the test, as it requires impeccable precision at every stage of the refinish process.

If applied correctly, liquid metallic finishes significantly highlight the dynamics of the vehicle contours, and the effect they achieve is not comparable to standard shades of silver.


Step 1: Preparation

Apply a Standox VOC or EP filler to the part that is to be refinished. Dry and sand the filler as usual in accordance with the relevant Technical Data Sheet. Apply a Standocryl VOC Clear* to the sanded filler. Please follow clearcoat application and drying guidelines on the Technical Data Sheet.

Tip: Dry the clearcoat well. You may need to allow for additional drying time.


Step 2: Sand the clearcoat

Sand the surface of the clearcoat on the refinished part and on the existing old paintwork by machine with P1000 to P1500. Sand edges and corners by hand with P3000.

Tip: Be careful not to sand through.

Blending and fading in.

Step_3_Apply color blend_480x292

Step 3: Apply Color Blend.

Apply Standoblue Color Blend/Standoblue Color Blend slow to the fade out area. The Color Blend area should extend up to approximately 10 to 20 centimetres from the area to be refinished.

Step_4_Blending in

Step 4: Blending in.

Getting Standoblue ready to spray: Mix Alubeam plus 50 % Standoblue Adjustment Additive Long. Apply the first spray pass right up to the edge of the still-wet Color Blend. This spray pass should almost cover the area to be refinished (filler).

Step_5_Fading in_480x292

Step 5: Fading in.

Apply the effect spray pass at a greater spray gun distance over the repair area and the still-wet Color Blend to blend it in. As long as Color Blend and the Standoblue colour are still wet, this step can be repeated if required.


Step 6: Clearcoat

Apply a Standocryl VOC Clear to the entire area of the repair and then allow it to dry. Please note: please select the clearcoat in accordance with manufacturer approvals.