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Navigating the colour jungle

Colour management is one of the most important disciplines in a bodyshop. Daylight can reveal even the smallest colour deviation. The incredible range of colour tones and nuances, and the continuing trend towards complex effect colours, do not make a refinisher’s life any easier. Getting the colour match right every time is a challenge. In times of growing competition and time pressure, it is increasingly important not only to get the colour match right first time, but also to do so as quickly as possible. “The trend is therefore to use digital colour tools that make colour management particularly efficient,” says Harald Klöckner, Technical Trainer International at Wuppertal-based refinish brand Standox. “We offer a range of electronic tools that are constantly undergoing further development.”

Colour and effect measurement at the touch of a button

For example, the latest generation of the Standox spectrophotometer Genius is now available as Genius iQ. In addition to its obvious colour measuring function, it is now also able to identify and to measure the coarseness of the effect pigments in a matter of minutes. This advance by Standox takes account of developments in colour trends, as bodyshops today have to deal with more and more vehicles with effect paints.

High performance programme for easier formula searches

Standowin is the colour formula search software by Standox. It is the interface for the Genius spectrophotometers. The data resulting from the colour measurement is transferred to Standowin. This programme offers users immediate access to current Standox mixing formulas including tips for correcting colours. It also suggests the matching colour variant. After entering the car manufacturer, model and year, the Standox Digital Color Display instantly produces all possible colours on screen in the form of realistic digital colour chips. The colour information menu contains everything relating to different car manufacturers, such as the list of codes, the colour programmes for new car models and the placing of the badge, as well as current mixing tint lists. “And Standowin can do even more. On request, it can store customer-specific data, automatically compile reports on costs and consumption of materials, and produce inventory updates. It can also be used for administrative tasks relating to pricing, jobs and storage. In short, it’s the perfect colour management support tool,” Klöckner continues. “We are currently working on an online version of Standowin for the mixing room which will bring colour matching even more up-to-date for professionals. And the new web-based Standowin iQ will be launched later this year.”

Online colour search

Standox is also making Internet colour searches quicker and easier thanks to a new technology. More formulas, more models, more search criteria and the illustration of colours via the Digital Color Display turn this programme into a very helpful tool. The online colour search can be found at  For an overview of, and further information about, the digital colour tools by Standox, please go to

The technology of the future in the mixing room

The next step on the path to the bodyshop of the future is the currently highly-anticipated, fully-automated Daisy Wheel dosing system. This high-tech, wheel-shaped device will carry out the precise weighing and mixing of colours. It is presently undergoing extensive tests at Standox. “We are just in the process of checking its compatibility with our paint systems and its operation,” Klöckner says. “Before offering the Daisy Wheel to our customers, we want to be certain that it meets our high standards and will fulfil the needs of refinishers in their everyday work.”

Many paths lead to the correct colour

While some are impressed by the colour matching abilities of digital tools, others prefer to rely on their experience and a trained eye. At Standox, we take that into account. “We believe that the route to colour identification is a question of preference,” Klöckner says. “Not everybody loves technology and there are refinishers who achieve excellent results with a trained eye and a comprehensive colour fan deck. That is why we not only develop digital tools, but also continue to advance our Standox Colour Boxes with fan decks.”


Standox, one of the global refinish coating brands from Axalta Coating Systems, is one of Europe’s leading automotive refinish brands. From its headquarters in Wuppertal, Germany, the brand delivers high-quality results through its innovative product systems and superior paint technology. Standox provides premium product quality and in-depth consultancy to continue to build enduring relationships with its worldwide customers. Approvals from all major car manufacturers reflect the brand’s position as a leading partner to the automotive industry. Standox gives professional refinishers the assurance of perfect results every time.