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Now even faster: Standox continues to develop its Xtreme System

In order to paint new parts quickly and with high quality, Standox, the refinish brand from Wuppertal, Germany, has extended its successful Xtreme System with the new VOC-Xtreme Wet-on-Wet Filler U7650. When used with Standoblue Basecoat and VOC-Xtreme Clear K9580, refinishers achieve a first-class coating on new parts in just 36 minutes. This extremely fast process time is not possible with any other system solution.  Standox also offers a quick-drying sanding filler - Standocryl VOC-Xtreme Filler U7600 - for all other repairs. Spray booth time can be reduced by 25 percent with this System so bodyshops can significantly increase their throughput.

Extremely short drying times

The unique advantage of the Xtreme System is its fast drying times at 60°C, 40°C and even 20°C. Refinishers can make the choice about how to use it, depending on how busy the bodyshop is. They can either rely on the System for speed, and short spray booth throughput, or on reduced energy consumption when there are fewer vehicles waiting to be repaired. Drying at 20°C enables energy savings of up to 70%, but the beauty of the System means that even at higher temperatures, bodyshops can save 25% on energy costs.

Five-minute filler drying time

The VOC-Xtreme Wet-on-Wet Filler U7650 sets new standards for coating new parts, not only with short flash-off times, but also with its outstanding holdout on vertical surfaces and a particularly good topcoat appearance. To achieve the maximum throughput, the filler can be overcoated or lightly sanded after only five minutes. The new filler is available in white, grey and black. Like all other products in the Xtreme System, the filler can be easily and reliably applied and produces high-gloss results after clearcoat application.

A fast system with low energy consumption

The entire Standox Xtreme System, using patented Axalta technology, can be dried at 40°C or even 20°C, making it very energy efficient. The short drying times also allow for bodyshops to carry out 1 Day Repair service, the Standox process to repair a vehicle and return it to the customer on the same day.

For more information on the benefits of the System for both the refinishers and bodyshops, visit, or view the Xtreme System Standovision training video at

About Standox

Standox, one of the global refinish coating brands from Axalta, supports its customers with premium product quality and in-depth consultancy to help obtain the best results. As a leading European automotive refinish brand from Wuppertal, Germany, it delivers innovative product systems and superior colour-match accuracy and paint technology. Approvals from major car manufacturers reflect the brand’s position as a leading partner to the automotive industry. Standox helps professional refinishers achieve right-first-time results.