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Flying high with Smart Refinishers and Standox



For Evan Smart, owner of Smart Refinishers in Aberdeen, Scotland, one thing counts above everything else: satisfied customers. That’s why he relies on hard work, an experienced team and of course high-quality paints - which is why he has been working with products from Standox for over 35 years.


Evan Smart’s company specialises, among other things, in painting helicopters.

Any time a helicopter takes off from Aberdeen to fly crews out to oil rigs off the coast of Britain, Evan Smart has good reason to be proud. Several of the helicopters that transport workers to their workplaces in the middle of the North Sea were at one time or another in his paint shop. Helicopters from the air rescue service Great North Air Ambulance were also refinished by Evan Smart’s team.

“There are a number of specifics that have to be taken into consideration when painting helicopters,” explains Smart. “For example, some parts of the helicopters heat up considerably when in operation, which is something we have to factor into our finishing work. Most helicopters are also multi-coloured. We need a lot of time to mask off certain areas, because we can’t paint everything in one go, and instead we have to complete the job in several successive stages.”


When it comes to painting helicopters, particularly stringent requirements apply. This is partly due to the high temperatures that affect some of the components.

But Smart takes more mundane jobs just as seriously: “We work hard to satisfy our customers.” Whether it’s cars, transporters, lorries, car repairs or paint repairs – Smart’s 21-member team is up to any challenge. The company also provides special coatings for the oil industry. Smart’s recovery, pick-up and delivery service is available round the clock and throughout North East Scotland. He provides for recovery of vehicles weighing up to 15 tonnes.

“We work hard to satisfy our customers.”

Evan Smart considers it important to keep abreast of the latest technology. That’s not a problem with Standox. After 36 years of working with Standox, Smart knows that the German-based paint manufacturers always provide him with the latest products and technologies and help him out with problems whenever the need arises. He is currently working in the commercial vehicle area using the water-based basecoat system Standohyd Plus and Standofleet. He is very happy with the results. “The specialists at Standox are always there for us when we need help,” says Smart.

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