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Turkey’s largest car museum



Torbalı is a small town, with 150,000 residents, on Turkey’s western coast. But many visitors to Turkey have never heard of it – mainly because of the glitz to be found in the city of Izmir, just a few kilometres away. But now there’s good reason to plan a trip to Torbalı : because, as of several years ago, the town became home to the largest car and motorcycle museum in Turkey.

The KEY Museum displays over 170 vehicles on 7000 square metres of exhibit space, everything from an original replica of the Benz motor vehicle from 1886 to contemporary sports cars. In addition, there are model cars, historical car mascots and many other exhibits, including an original US petrol station in 50s design. Every year 20,000 visitors make their way to Torbalı to view the collection. Each vehicle on display is restored in meticulous detail – and when it comes to paint, the museum relies on products and know-how from Standox.

”Each car should look like it did the day it was made“

One of the largest car dealerships in Turkey
The museum’s proprietors are the brothers Murat and Selim Özgörkey, who head up a conglomerate based in Izmir. They are also one of the leading auto dealers in Turkey, whose brands include, among others, BMW and MINI.

The affinity for BMW explains why so many of the vehicles exhibited in Torbal sport the blue-white signet: Like the BMW Dixi, the first car to appear on the market under the BMW name, or the model 328 from the 1930s, which established BMW’s reputation in motor sports. Post-war models like the 501 and 503 are also part of the exhibit, as are the legendary Isetta midget cars and the so-called “new class” models that ultimately gained BMW a luxury class ranking starting in the mid-60s. The selection ranges all the way up to the M4 GTS from 2016, which can go from zero to 100 km/h in just four seconds.

  • Rare classic: a BMW 319 from the mid-1930s.

    Rare classic: a BMW 319 from the mid-1930s.

  • The KEY Museum

    The KEY Museum’s 7000 square metres exhibits more than 170 vehicles.

  • The Batmobile from the 1960s TV series.

    Attraction especially for kids: the Batmobile from the 1960s TV series.

  • A huge “Blackhawk” from the former US manufacturer Stutz.

    Not to be missed: a huge “Blackhawk” from the former US manufacturer Stutz.

  • The rare US classic ”Kaiser Darrin“ (1950s).

    Fascinating showpiece: Not even the smallest speck of dust can mar the look of the rare US classic ”Kaiser Darrin“ (1950s).

  • Cadillac Fleetwood

    Well-known dream cars, like the Cadillac Fleetwood will not be left out as part of the KEY Museum as well.

Examples of every major automotive brand

But the KEY Museum doesn’t limit itself to just one brand. “We select our exhibits according to their significance, their value and their uniqueness in automotive and motorcycle history”, says museum director, Efe Uygur. 15 employees in the in-house workshop see to it that all the vehicles are in outstanding technical and optical condition. ”Each car should look like it did the day it was made“, says Uygur.

And of course the finish plays an important role in that. “We always try to determine what the original colour was”, says Uygur. “But a lot of records have been lost, especially when it comes to cars from the first half of the 20th century.”

Standox supplies paint and know-how

For cases such as this, the painters in Torbalı rely on state-of-the-art paint and colour technology, like the digital colour gauge, Genius from Standox. Or they ring up a Standox dealer, who is often able to provide precise information about original historic colours. Modern paint technology is also used in providing a finish. ”We work exclusively with Standox products, like the VOC system filler, for example, Standox basecoat and the Standocryl VOC-Xtra clear lacquer“, explains Uygur. Not just because of the quality of Standox products, but also because of the great service. “The folks at Standox have often helped us recreate an old colour,” Uygur says. “And they provide us valuable support with the repair process as well.”

  • KEY Museum

    You’ll find a lot of BMWs at the KEY Museum – from the Dixi right on up to the M4 GTS super sports car.

  • An orange Lamborghini Diablo from 1991.

    Showcased in spectacular fashion: an orange Lamborghini Diablo from 1991.

  • KEY Museum

    The in-house workshop works exclusively with paints from Wuppertal.

  • Detail work: the complex restoration work on these valuable classics often takes months.

    Detail work: the complex restoration work on these valuable classics often takes months.

  • Museum director Efe Uygur

    Museum director Efe Uygur relies on support from Standox in completing the finish.

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