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Carrosserie Karreveld relies on speed during drying processes



Carrosserie Karreveld has a tightly scheduled work plan, and this is the case in the paint shop too. Here the company relies on the Xtreme System from Standox, which guarantees them one thing above all else: speed.


Carrosserie Karreveld, which is based in the municipality of Machelen not far from Brussels, is a large company with around 40 employees. The firm is a member of Repanet and its clients include numerous insurance companies, fleet operators and leasing companies. It processes a high volume of orders: On average, staff work on four vehicles an hour and up to 30 per day — so it’s easy to see how time is a major factor.

Quick-drying paints replace the drying tunnel.
This is also the case in the paint shop: Karreveld purchased a drying tunnel to reduce drying times some time ago. But the brand-new machine is now used only rarely. In Machelen, an alternative has been discovered: the fast-drying paint products from the Standox Xtreme System.

Karreveld_3 With almost 40 employees, Carrosserie Karreveld is a large bodyshop and paint shop with correspondingly large order volumes.

With almost 40 employees, Carrosserie Karreveld is a large bodyshop and paint shop with correspondingly large order volumes.

The K9580 Standocryl VOC Xtreme Clear is the Belgian body painters’ favourite product. Firstly because of its robustness and its special shine, and secondly because of its fast-drying properties — even at room temperature. This outstanding quality has led many Xtreme users to completely dispense with forced drying. Instead they leave painted parts to dry without heating, thereby saving on expensive energy costs.

Dry in just eleven minutes at 45 degrees Celsius
The Xtreme clearcoat can also be used in a different way, as Carrosserie Karreveld has shown. Owing to the high workload, the plant uses targeted forced drying to achieve the right speed. At an object temperature of 45 degrees Celsius, parts dry in just eleven minutes and can be worked on further after a short cooling phase. This quick process combined with precise work scheduling is the only way to handle the high throughput of jobs. This is particularly evident when performing small repairs, which are often commissioned by fleet operators and leasing clients, for example.

Reduced energy costs

Time was the most crucial factor in Carrosserie Karreveld’s decision to opt for the Xtreme System. But the system has also reduced its costs: Thanks to the moderate heating of the booth to 45 degrees, the energy required to dry the clearcoat is lower than it was previously. Harald Klöckner, Manager of Standox Training Management for Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA), sees this as one of the biggest advantages of Xtreme Systems: “We didn’t have to choose between speed and energy saving”, he explains. “After changing the drying parameters accordingly, you can benefit from both of these advantages. Karreveld shows how Xtreme products can be flexibly adapted to the conditions at the plant”.

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