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Standofleet Industry visual

Standofleet Industry

The solution for industrial coating.

The hi-tech choice for optimal results.

More and more bodyshops include painting of industrial objects in their services. The requirements for this are varied, ranging from coating different substrates to requests for certain degrees of gloss or effects.

The Standofleet Industry system for industrial coating can adapt to many applications while using a relatively small range of paint products.


Standofleet Industry Flyer

A perfect match for many substrates.

• Steel
• Zinc
• Aluminium
• Coated or precoated surfaces, e.g. coil coatings, powder coatings
• Wood
• Mineral substrates, e.g. concrete, roof tiles, floor/wall tiles
• Copper/brass
• Plastics

You can also create widely differing effects and degrees of gloss possible: from smooth to textured, from high-gloss to dull matt.

Standofleet Industry white
Standofleet Industry blue
Standofleet Industry wheel

A perfect match for many applications.



Shelf industry

·   Dispensers
·   Containers
·   Crates
·   Steel elements
·   Cycles
·   Shelves

…and many more.

Pipes connecting pieces blue

·   Bulldozers
·   Pipes
·   Electronic accessories
·   Tools
·   Cabinets
·   Diggers

Rubbish bin painted matt

·   Ladders
·   Letterboxes
·   Sunbeds
·   Furniture
·   Agricultural equipment
·   Floors

Identify colours the easy way.

Standofleet Industry fan deck Standofleet Industry fan deck

Gloss and texture fans.

Get a rapid impression of the varied degrees of gloss and effects possible with Standofleet Industry.

Colour box Standofleet CV Colour box Standofleet CV

Standomix Color Box.

Find the matching reference colour from the commercial vehicle sector with over 3,000 colours and effects.

Standox Genius XS Spectrophotometer Standox Genius XS Spectrophotometer

Digital color measurement.

Featuring the latest LED technology and 3-angle measurement the Genius XS measures solid as well as effect colours allowing fast formula matching.