UV-A speed surge for spot repairs

Standocure UV Filler U7150

Make high quality spot repairs faster than ever.

If you want to make spot repairs more efficient and cost effective, start with Standocure UV Filler U7150. It is extremely fast – curing in just one minute. Easy to use, it also performs very well in terms of adhesion of the basecoat to ensure an excellent and long lasting finish. Use it to improve your current spot repair set-up or open up a new revenue stream by offering customers a fast minor or cosmetic repair service.


Key benefits

Innovative technology for highest performance.

With its state-of-the-art technology, this new filler marks a step change in efficiency and performance.

  • Faster curing process
  • Enhanced adhesion ensures paint adheres better and lasts longer
  • Better corrosion performance
  • CMR-chemical-free formulation


Maximum versatility unlocks new opportunities.

Whether you’re already providing smart and small repair services or if you’re planning to extend your offering with them in the future, this filler is perfect. It is suitable for a wide range of applications – making it the ideal choice for professionals seeking flexibility.

  • Make minor repairs more lucrative
  • Increase throughput
  • Extend your business by offering cosmetic repairs
  • For more convenience, it is available as 1L can and 0,4L aerosol


High efficiency for speed and savings.

Incredibly efficient, it offers extremely fast application making it the ideal option

for spot repairs. Professionals across various applications will benefit from its easy and simple usability, creating a seamless refinish experience.

  • Higher productivity
  • Easy to use 1K product
  • Energy saving – no baking required
  • Minimal cleaning & waste
  • No hardener or thinner required


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