Standox VOC Xtra Filler U7560

The universal Standox VOC Xtra Sanding Filler U7560 offers latest generation filler technology for optimal results. With uncompromising quality and speed, it creates the ideal foundation for outstanding surfaces. Its advantages are particularly noticeable when used in combination with the new VOC X Hardeners. It also meets stringent approval criteria.

Product Features

  • Very good filling properties.

  • Excellent surface to enhance topcoat holdout.

  • Outstanding drying.

  • Very robust application and drying properties.

  • Application in a single spray process (One Visit Application) for new panels.

  • VOC compliant sanding surfacer.

  • Good vertical stability.

  • 5:1 with Standox VOC Hardener.

  • 5%-10% with Standox VOC Thinner.

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