Standox VOC Nonstop Primer Surfacer U7580

Good adhesion and corrosion properties characterise the Standox VOC Nonstop Primer Surfacer U7580. It builds on the success of the proven and well-known VOC Nonstop Primer Filler U7550 and can be applied directly to steel and to aluminium substrates when refinishing passenger cars. In combination with the new Standox VOC Plastic Additive U7590, it can be used to refinish most commonly used plastic substrates on passenger cars. With a single product it is possible to prime and coat several different types of substrate economically using the wet-on-wet application process.

Product Features

  • VOC compliant.

  • Applied direct to metal or to plastic.

  • Good corrosion protection and adhesion properties.

  • Very good application properties.

  • Wet-on-wet application possible in a single spray process (One Visit Application).

  • Short flash-off time.

  • Long pot life.

  • Can be overcoated with all Standox Basecoats.

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