Standox Express Prep Wipes U3000

Based on a special acid chemistry, Standox Express Prep Wipes U3000 are ready-to-use and will make the metal pretreatment process very fast and easy. The wipes provide both adhesion and corrosion protection for the subsequent paint process.

Product Features

  • Formulated for bare metal substrate preparation. Designed especially for use with VOC Xtreme Fillers U7600 and U7650.

  • Fast and easy wipe-on application.

  • Also suitable for small sand-through areas in combination with certain Standox VOC Fillers.

  • Enable excellent adhesion and corrosion protection.

  • Easy to use, no product preparation, no potlife like with mixed products.

  • Economical; one wipe will work on approximately 2 m².

  • Reduced flash-off times compared to 2K wash primers by about 20 - 25 minutes.

  • Chromium-free, water-based and easily disposable with a very low VOC-content (less than 1.5 %).

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