Standocryl VOC Xtra Clear K9560

Standocryl VOC Xtra Clear K9560 has been developed specially for use in combination with the Standohyd Plus and Standoblue VOC-compliant basecoat systems. It is a universal 2K clearcoat with a wide application window. It is the ideal choice for full or partial repairs that require a high-quality finish. As an all-rounder, it provides excellent results for daily repairs - from total resprays to MicroRepair. It is particularly well-suited for refinishers who work their clearcoat universally. Standocryl VOC Xtra Clear is used directly with Standocryl VOC 2K additive. This combination boosts the positive properties of this versatile clearcoat. The new Standocryl VOC Xtra Clear helps to achieve an exceptional, VOC-compliant finish.

Product Features

  • Suitable for panel and overall repairs.

  • Application in a single spray process (One Visit Application) or in two spray passes.

  • Outstanding gloss and flow.

  • Good polishability.

  • User-friendly application.

  • VOC-compliant clearcoat.

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