Standocryl VOC Premium Clear K9540

Standocryl VOC Premium Clear K9540 is not only an easy and reliable high-solids clearcoat, but it's also fast-drying. This gives it a small advantage over previous high-solids clearcoats. It is compatible with the Standox HS hardeners, as well as with the VOC hardeners, and is ready to spray immediately. This VOC-compliant all-rounder is environmentally-responsible, economical and easy to use and helps to provide the finishing touch to the vehicle. It delivers a high-gloss finish and protects the surface.

Product Features

  • Outstanding polishabiility.

  • Very good flow and gloss levels.

  • Suitable for panel and overall repairs.

  • Application in a single spray process (One Visit Application).

  • Excellent stability.

  • Short drying times and excellent curing.

  • VOC compliant.

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