Standocryl VOC Platinum Clear K9570

Standocryl VOC Platinum Clear K9570 addresses customers' requests for a VOC-compliant, hard-wearing clearcoat. Thanks to its special elasticity, even carwash bristles are no longer a problem with this highly mechanical- and chemical-resistant paint. The so-called "reflow" effect means that, under the influence of heat, the paint flows together again after light scratches and so covers small damage. Standocryl VOC Platinum Clear is appreciated not only by refinishers, but also by renowned car manufacturers who have approved it for repair and warranty work. It can be quickly and reliably applied by a professional refinisher and doesn't require much polishing, which makes it ideally suited for touch-ups, among other things.

Product Features

  • Application in a single spray process (One Visit Application).

  • Suitable for approval repairs.

  • Special VOC-compliant clearcoat with reflow effect to protect it from carwashes.

  • Scratch-resistant high gloss for clear-over-base systems.

  • Extremely high mechanical and chemical resistance.

  • Forced oven drying: 25-35 minutes at 60°C-65°C object temperature.

  • VOC compliant.

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