Standocryl VOC Performance Pro Clear K9590

The Standocryl VOC Performance Pro Clear K9590 is a versatile clear coat. Thanks to its reliable and easy application as well as its fast, flexible drying, bodyshop throughput can be optimized. This clear deliver high gloss results.

Product Features

  • Easy, convenient and reliable application in two coats with short intermediate flash off.

  • Outstanding vertical stability.

  • Very good topcoat hold-out and high gloss.

  • Fast, flexible drying: 60 °C/15 min or 40 °C/30 min.

  • Fast processing. It can be polished and assembled straight after oven-drying and short cooling.

  • Suitable for all repairs: from minor damage to full resprays.

  • Simple mixing ratio of 2:1 with Standox VOC Performance Hardener 15-30 + 10 % Standocryl VOC 2K Performance Additive 5870.

  • Includes a slow hardener and slow additive for hot & humid conditions.

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