Standocryl VOC Express Clear K9530

Standocryl VOC Express Clear K9530 is the flexible 2K clearcoat that hardens very quickly. It is suitable for use on all high-quality spot, partial and full repairs. It can achieve reliably flawless and high-quality results even under difficult bodyshop conditions. Its speed can be accelerated with the addition of VOC Express Thinner or VOC Special Thinner, which is particularly useful for MicroRepair and smaller repairs. Standocryl VOC Express Clear K9530 is suitable for bodyshops that do not achieve the required drying temperature of 60°C. In this way, it saves time, material and costs. Standocryl VOC Express Clear is very efficient, which helps to increase efficiency in the bodyshop.

Product Features

  • Suitable for panel and overall repairs.

  • Very fast drying.

  • Good polishability.

  • Flexible in application and drying.

  • Application in a single spray process (One Visit Application).

  • Cures in just 15-30 minutes at 50°C-60°C object temperature.

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