Standoblue Booster MIX 100

Standoblue Booster MIX 100 supports a superior topcoat appearance. It improves handling and application for more uniform surface. It is recommended for solid colours only. Standoblue Booster MIX 100 helps to achieve a perfect finish especially in extreme (low humidity) climate conditions.

Product Features

  • Due to a better and more homogenous wetting of the basecoat on the substrate, the application becomes easier.

  • Easier use of tack rag right after flash off time.

  • Supports a silky-smooth basecoat appearance.

  • Use in solid colours only.

  • Better clearcoat appearance.

  • At extreme climate conditions (low humidity) Standoblue Booster MIX 100 ensures a better film formation and avoids surface defects.

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