One Visit Application

Revolutionary at the time, One Visit Application does not require the refinisher to observe the usual intermediate flash-off time. This allows the bodyshop to save not only time but also energy and materials.

Many of our products- from fillers to clearcoats -can today be applied in one visit without intermediate flash off.

No compromise on efficiency and economy.

  • One visit application without flash-off.
  • 1.5 spray passes, no waiting time.
  • State of the art at Standox for 20 years.
  • Approved by leading automobile manufacturers.
  • Saves materials, energy and time.         
  • With both Standox clearcoats as well as Standoblue and Standohyd Plus basecoats.
  • And now also with the new VOC Xtra Filler.

From Filler to Clearcoat - click and watch One Visit Application in action.