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Revolutionary Xtreme Filler.

Featuring new technology, the revolutionary VOC Xtreme Filler outperforms on every level.

Applied in one visit, without flash-off times. With a very impressive air-drying performance. Bodyshop owners can now look forward to a higher throughput.

For a filler to outperform all existing drying records it will need to have a very impressive air-drying performance. The Standox VOC Xtreme Filler U7600 meets this challenge head on. Remarkably, it can be sanded after only 20-40 min air drying time. Provides excellent vertical stability and a super smooth flow directly from the spray gun. It´s available in 3 colours: white, grey and black.

Express Prep Wipes U3000_480_0_300_RGB


Revolutionary pre-treatment wipes.

Based on a new technology, you can now significantly speed up the entire process of “priming” metal substrates.

Replacing the primer and applying a special layer, Express Prep Wipes guarantee excellent adhesion and corrosion protection. With convenient application properties and significant time savings due to no flash-off time requirements. For metal substrate preparation, the Standox Express Prep Wipes U3000 is mandatory when using VOC Xtreme Filler. Very economical, one wipe can cover around 2 m².

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