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Take colour mixing to the next level.

Move up to the opportunities of automated dosing

Technology and automation are the future of efficiency in the body shop. Standox customers around the world already benefit from the fully digital colour management system via the Standowin iQ Cloud and the advanced Standoblue Basecoat products. But now Standox is taking the entire painting process to the next level by offering Standoblue Basecoat in pre-filled bottles for use in the fully automated Daisy Wheel 3.0 dosing machine from Fillon Technologies.

With a wide range of benefits, the use of these technologies in combination increases bodyshop efficiency and allows skilled professionals to focus their manpower on more profitable aspects of a repair while increasing the business’s vehicle throughput and excellent refinishing results.



Next level benefits

Mix more quickly

The Daisy Wheel 3.0 is fully automatic and up to 30% faster than previous versions. Once you have chosen the best matching colour formula mixing no longer needs to be thought about. Quick and easy to replace, the bottles come prefilled with Standoblue waterborne basecoat. They make the handling of the machine even more comfortable.


Mix more accurately

Dosing is fully computerised so you can count on absolute accuracy and reproducibility in colour formula mixing. The Daisy Wheel is connected to the Standowin iQ software which provides over 200,000 colour formulas at the touch of a button. For consistency and accuracy there’s no competition.




Mix more efficiently

The Daisy Wheel 3.0 takes most of the time-consuming labour out of mixing a repair colour  – which frees up your experts to focus on more profitable tasks. Exact dosing of the mixing toners further cuts waste and costs. 




Mix more conveniently

The Daisy Wheel 3.0 fits easily into any bodyshop thanks to its compact size. It gives you full control not only over colour mixing but paint consumption too – so you can keep track of costs. Use Daisy Wheel 3.0 especially for dosing small volumes required for spot repairs and sprayouts.  Every valve is cleaned automatically after usage thus saving labour time ensuring constantly high quality paint. 


A closer look


Innovative colour measurement


Use your Genius iQ spectrophotometer to measure the vehicle’s colour and effect. It’s small enough to operate with one hand, very intuitive to use and highly accurate.

Digital matching


The Standox Standowin iQ colour software gives you access of over 200,000 colour formulas. Use your computer, tablet or smartphone to select the best matching colour formula for each job and send direct to the Daisy Wheel control screen.

Automatic mixing


The Daisy Wheel contains all available Standoblue Basecoat mixing tints. Our pre-filled bottles ensure refinishers don’t have to spend time selecting the tints, filling the bottles and putting them in the dosing compartment. All the user needs to do is place a mixing cup in the centre of the unit, close the door and select ‘Start’ from the Daisy Wheel control screen to initiate the dosing process. 

Ready to spray


The dosing process is finished when the green light comes on. Simply remove the mixed paint in the mixing cup, stir thoroughly and apply as normal. The Daisy Wheel 3.0 is pre-programmed to clean every dosing valve used to be immediately ready for the next mix.

Next level specifications

OEM / Supplier Fillon Technologies
Size (H x L x D cm) 195 x 120 x 70 cm
Connectivity Standowin iQ Cloud
Internet connection LAN
Prefilled / Ready-to-use mixing toner bottles Standoblue Basecoat mixing tints
Bottle sizes 500 ml / 1 litre bottles
Paint homogenisation Automated Soft Mixing modus
Mixing quantity 2 liter
Disposable cup detection Yes
Cleaning Automatic



The leaders in advanced colour mixing: Fillon Technologies

The Daisy Wheel 3.0 is designed and manufactured in Europe by Fillon Technologies – the leading name in precision paint mixing systems. Together, Fillon and Axalta offer unrivalled experience in automated colour mixing. Combined with innovative waterborne Standox Basecoats the latest Daisy Wheel puts your bodyshop at the forefront of paintshop technology.The future of refinishing – here and now

The future of refinishing – here and now

Standox is your partner in building the bodyshop of the future. Our advanced and innovative car refinish product systems help you keep one step ahead of your competition and enable you to use technology to your best advantage. Combining elements of the Standox offer such as the Xtreme family of products or the 100% digital Standowin iQ Cloud colour management system means you can maximise that advantage.


Ready to step up?

Contact us to discover how this new Daisy Wheel dosing system can take your bodyshop to the next level.