Standolux iQ daylight lamp

The perfect work lamp for quick and accurate colour finding.

The Standolux iQ daylight lamp not only supplies the right natural light, but also, with the help of an built-in secondary light source, offers evening light at the touch of a button. These options make it easier to spot and to prevent colour differences due to metamerism when selecting the colour formula.

The lamp’s light intensity can be set to three different levels and adapted to different colours in order to avoid over-exposure.

In addition, Standolux iQ also helps refinishers to recognise paint finishes that have been applied unevenly, as well as paint defects in the final finish, such as dust inclusions, sanding marks or bubbling.

Unnecessary additional work is avoided and time and costs are saved.

The energy-saving LEDs, the powerful battery and the ergonomic handling of the lamp all make Standolux iQ a practical tool for professional bodyshops.

Lamp properties:

  •  12 Power LEDs (17 W)
  •  Daylight and evening light
  •  3 brightness levels
  •  Very long battery life
  •  Ergonomic design
  •  Charging cradle with wall bracket