The new Genius iQ spectrophotometer

A leap forward in perfect colour management - welcome to the future of spectrophotometers.

Redefining what´s possible in colour matching.

Using cutting-edge technology and advanced design, the all new Genius iQ spectrophotometer sets new standards for colour matching. In combination with innovative Standowin iQ software and using a Wi-Fi connection, it gives you better results – faster and more conveniently than ever.


State of the art technology

The advanced technology of the Genius iQ spectrophotometer is supremely fast and accurate. Along with Standowin iQ software, it uses over 200,000 constantly updated formulas to give you precise colour matches every time. It even automatically shades the colour and measures finish effect so you get a complete formula in one go.

Wi-Fi connection

Using Wi-Fi, the Genius iQ instantly shares colour data to whoever needs it in your team – whether they’re using a desktop, laptop, tablet or even smartphone. Workflows can be dramatically speeded-up in this way.

Innovative design

Much smaller and lighter than previous models, the Genius iQ is easy to use. Bright screens and clear icons make it incredibly intuitive and it takes hardly any training to get up and running. Colour coded LEDs also give instant feedback on the device’s status so you are always in complete control.

Small & easy handling

The Genius iQ is significantly smaller than other colour devices so it can easily be operated even with one hand.