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Celebrating 20 years of the Standox Information Center in Wuppertal


Standox Information Center in Wuppertal

In 1998 Standox opened its first information centre in Wuppertal with the aim of getting its customers to be industry leaders. Today, as in the past, this training teaches automotive paint finishers to use the full potential of the Standox range, and thus work particularly quickly and efficiently.

Standox Information Center in Wuppertal

Customers from all over the world learn about new painting techniques and energy-efficient repair processes at the Information Center in Wuppertal.

"Good technology and well thought out processes are just as important success factors in professional automotive refinishing as the materials being used," says Olaf Adamek, Standox EMEA Brand Manager. To teach these techniques and processes to its customers, Standox opened its Information Center in Wuppertal 20 years ago. It was the first of what are today more than 60 Standox training and continuing education centres worldwide. The course topics range from digital colour management and colour science through repair techniques such as MicroRepair to energy-efficient repair processes.

Standox Information Center in Wuppertal

The first Information Center opened in Wuppertal twenty years ago - and is still the heart of further education at Standox.

Always up-to-date

"Keeping up-to-date is a decisive factor for automotive companies," says Adamek. This is truer than ever, because in the refinishing sector, a lot has changed in the last 20 years. The Information Center in Wuppertal has also continually adapted to the challenges, so that Standox can ensure that its customers are always up to date. "Every year we update our best training programme to meet every requirement here in Wuppertal,” says Harald Klöckner, Standox Training and Technical Service Leader for Europe, Middle East and Africa. "Our information centre is also regularly updated to meet new standards, especially in terms of workshop and conference equipment. "

  • Standox Information Center in Wuppertal

    The Information Center's reception area.

  • Standox Information Center in Wuppertal

    The training centre in Wuppertal is constantly being modernised and adapted to meet the latest requirements.

  • Standox Information Center in Wuppertal

    Digital colour management is becoming increasingly important in the paint shop.

Standox Information Center in Wuppertal

The reception and meeting areas were redesigned on the occasion of the anniversary. Now on display is a work of art made up of 18 metal plates, all painted using airbrush technology.

Their own colour for the anniversary

To celebrate this special occasion, Standox has come up with something very special. A new colour was developed especially for the anniversary: Standox Performance Blue, a strong blue that is now available in the Standowin iQ technical database. Another special highlight is the Information Center's reception and conference area, which was redecorated on the occasion of the anniversary. The site is now home to a work of art made up of 18 metal plates, all designed using airbrush technology. Adamek is very proud of the anniversary: "We are proud to pass on our expertise clearly and at a high level to professional refinishers all over the world - and have now done so for 20 years."

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