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World famous Pop artist paints with Standox


David Gerstein: The sky is the limit

The brightly coloured metal sculptures by David Gerstein stand up to 18 metres tall. The artworks by the Israeli artist are adding a touch of liveliness to public spaces worldwide. How do they withstand frosty winters, hot summers and rain? With paints from Standox.

Building after building, cement on top of cement, grey without end: Some of the world’s cities would look rather sombre if it weren’t for artists like David Gerstein, whose artworks set colourful accents and radiate a touch of optimism. In Singapore, for example, in the middle of a business district stands ”Momentum“, a brightly coloured, 18 metre tall outdoor sculpture made of painted steel. It’s eye-catchers like this that have made the Jerusalem-based sculptor world famous. The 73-year-old artist believes that art should affect our lives, and not be something that people only see once a year when they go to a museum.

  • David Gerstein Momentum

    The sculpture entitled “Momentum,“ created in 2007, stands in the middle of a major shopping street in Singapore. Photo credit: jimmyweee/russavia

  • David Gerstein Portrait

    David Gerstein applies paint with a brush. Photo credit: David Gerstein

  • David Gerstein Soulbird

    The sculpture entitled “Soulbird“ was created in 2009. Photo credit: Avishai Teicher

Shaped using laser technology

The sculptures demand more of Gerstein than just artistic vision. He also has to have certain technical skills. The artist and his team use laser technology in moulding the multi-tonne metal artworks. Laser cut by laser cut is applied in creating the individual components – like the figures on bicycles that Gerstein mounted on a huge curved steel arch and painted in bright colours. The work goes by the name “Peloton Wave“ and stands in a sports stadium in Hsinchu (South Korea).

An array of colours is one of Gerstein’s trademarks. Red, orange, green, blue, yellow – all the colours of the rainbow can be found in Gersein’s sculptures. It would be the ultimate artistic disaster if these outdoor artworks were to look faded and shabby after a year out in the open with peeling paint and rust showing through. That’s why Gerstein only uses paints he can depend on.

Protected against wind and weather with paints by Standox

Which is why he puts his trust in Standox. “David Gerstein buys hundreds of litres of paints each month from our paint system Standohyd Plus – a paint system recommended by leading automotive manufacturers for repairing damaged finishes, one of the most used paint systems worldwide“, says Ronny Arazi, General Manager at Comet & Progress, importer of Standox products in Israel. Gerstein generally uses a brush to apply the Standohyd base coat onto a powder-coated substrate and then applies Standocryl VOC-Xtreme clear coat. The workshop has its own coating booths for this purpose. The advantage of the VOC-Xtreme clear coat: it turns extremely hard after a very brief drying period and provides for a brilliant, long-lasting gloss.

The artworks exhibit a high degree of durability against impacts from weather as well as chemical and mechanical stresses. Even decades later they still look as fresh and colourful as the day they were made. Ronny Arazi: “Gerstein believes the paints have altered the limits placed on artists by traditional coatings – in terms of the range of colours, colour effects, coverage and durability.“


  • David Gerstein: Sky is the limit

    David Gerstein: Sky is the limit

  • David Gerstein “Spirit of freedom

    Caption: Popular hangout for students: “Spirit of freedom“ on the campus of the University of Tel Aviv (2009). Photo credit: Ricardo Tulio

  • David Gerstein “Ladder of motives“

    The work “Ladder of motives“ was created in 2010 Photo credit: David Gerstein

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