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COLORIT visits Standox


Paint shops all over the world use Standox products. This is why the paint brand has many sales partners worldwide. Mirzoolim Boboev from COLORIT, the Standox importer in Tajikistan, came to a meeting in Germany for the first time and brought a very special gift.

Colorit visits Standox Colorit visits Standox

For a paint brand that is sold internationally, it is important to be in constant contact with the importers. In August, the Standox Product & Color Meeting was held to inform Standox importers about technical innovations. Mirzoolim Boboev, an employee of COLORIT, the importer in Tajikistan, was present for the first time at this meeting.

A special guest gift

Mirzoolim Boboev presented Olaf Adamek, Standox Brand Manager EMEA, with a guest gift: a hand-woven carpet on which important Tajikistan landmarks can be seen: the Ismoili-Somoni monument in the capital Dushanbe, which commemorates the national hero Ismail I, and the presidential palace, which is also located in the capital of Tajikistan. "The personal exchange with our sales partners is very important to us," says Olaf Adamek. "After all, Wuppertal is the home of our brand, and it is here that you can get to know our work best. That's why we're glad that Mirzoolim Boboev took the time to come to Germany for a meeting," says Olaf Adamek. "And we are especially happy about this unique gift!

A young partnership

COLORIT has been a Standox sales partner in Tajikistan since October 2018. The company is responsible for the marketing and sales of Standox products and activities in the Central Asian country. Since the beginning of 2019, COLORIT has already equipped eleven dealers there with Standox products and also sells the products in four of its own branches. The employees there support paint shops in their region in word and deed when using Standox products. In return, Standox offers COLORIT technical and sales training and support. "COLORIT has increased awareness of the Standox brand in Tajikistan many times over in a short period of time," says Olaf Adamek.

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