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60 Jahre Standox

Spectacular calendar images

The large-format wall calendar for customers and friends of the brand has a long tradition at Standox. Since the first calendar was created, a large number of spectacular, whimsical or just plain beautiful motifs have appeared. Just click through some of the most exciting images and find out a little bit more about their creation.

  • Robust and impervious: one of the early calendar images of 1977 shows two impressive bison. It advertises a real Standox innovation of the early 1970s: the 2K Standocryl refinish paint. It was considered so durable that it was in those days applied without a protective clearcoat.

  • Over time, the Standox calendar increasingly became an image project. Soon, advertising products was no longer important. Instead the focus was on spectacular cars. Here is the prototype for the Ford GT90 from 1995, which was initially going to be produced in a limited series, but that never happened. The super sports car – here shown in the Standox calendar of 1996 – remained a beautiful one-off.

  • Here a motif from 1999: the bright-red sports car in a race against a Japanese high-speed train in front of Japan’s highest mountain – Fuji.

  • Who is the star in this photo from the 2003 calendar? No question who wins the race as far as acceleration goes – but when it comes to style in attitude, this cool look steals the show from any car.

  • Not scared to experiment, Standox employed a photographer and two artists for the 2007 calendar. They combined illustrations and photography to create expressive imagery.

  • Paris, Tokyo, New York: Another trip around the world took place for the 2009 calendar. Photographer Andreas Fechner took four months to obtain the permission to shoot from the viewing platform of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California, USA. He found the car by accident, one morning on his way to a café. “I stopped immediately, went up to the house and rang the doorbell,” he says. He was in luck. The owner of the car even posed alongside her car for this photo.

  • The title of the 2010 calendar set the tone for the contents. Photographer Dirk Krüll found inspiration for “Colour Fantasies” in the names of OEM paints so redolent of associations. Obtaining the props was the greatest challenge for the photo Wildlife Green: two life-size Triceratops (left) models and a mammoth (in the background).

  • Atmospheric worlds of colour and moods of nature were at the centre of the calendar images for 2011. Photographer Anatol Kotte from Hamburg, Germany, took photos of cars painted in colours inspired by nature in places where they blended in perfectly with the colours of the surroundings.

  • This motif from the Car & Culture calendar of 2013 is an homage to the Beatles’ famous Sergeant Pepper album of 1967. The idea behind the calendar is that every era has its own spirit and symbols. Designer Lutz Menze and photographer Dirk Krüll put cars centre stage as allusive representatives of their respective era.

  • In 2014 the styling became futuristic: several cars, including the BMW shown, had buckets of paint thrown at them. In real life that would have been a pretty sticky affair, but photographer Ralph Richter used his bag of tricks to create the photo shoot on his PC.

  • Colours Made in Germany – that is the motto of the 2015 anniversary calendar. The motifs show what is at the heart of Standox: high-quality refinish paints Made in Germany. The calendar shows high-end cars in bright colours in front of buildings that are immediately associated with Germany. Here the Brandenburg Gate, the emblem of Berlin.