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60 Jahre Standox

Old posters and billboards

Early on, Standox went its own way in marketing, advertising and sales support. Eye-catching advertising motifs ensured that the brand quickly became established in the market. Here are a few billboards and adverts from the 1960s.

  • In the early days of Standox production, qualities were presented in the style of the 1950s – speed, gloss, durability – and in several languages.

  • “Standox solves all problems” was the message. If the elderly lady wants to have her vintage car in rally yellow, then of course the refinisher will get to work – with Standox.

  • In the 1960s female charms reinforced the advertising power of Standox products. Comprehensive product information was provided on the back of flyers, but refinishers preferred to hang up the front page in their bodyshops.

  • Blonde Standoxy appeared on posters around 1970 – with a spray gun in her hand. Advertising messages focused on reliability and the approval of Standox by leading car manufacturers.

  • With the help of a bluish-purple painted Emily bonnet mascot by Rolls Royce, Standox demonstrated what effect paints could achieve. “Standox helps you advance ” was the advertising slogan at the time.

  • The language of colours is international. Here is a Spanish example. Three primary colours represent thousands of mixed tones in the Standox colour palette.

  • Brilliant colours, an arrow pointing forwards: Standox regularly presents innovation at the Automechanika trade fair – “New goals. New methods.”

  • Whether it’s the tank of a Harley-Davidson or the bonnet of a giant truck, with Standox, everything can be coated in first-class quality as promised in the slogan The art of refinishing.