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60 Jahre Standox

Standoxy smiles for car paints

Standox Autolack Know How

Standox not only stands for premium paint products, but also for first-class know-how – this has often been captured in advertising images.

She was blonde and pretty, wore a smart orange overall and held a spray gun in her hand. Allow us to introduce Standoxy, the advertising face of Standox for many years. In the 1960s she gave the brand a likeable, friendly image. The result was inevitable: In the bodyshops, Standoxy was loved not least because she didn’t only appear in adverts, but also came to events in person and would, for example, be there to congratulate competition winners.

Standoxy had been invented several years earlier as a hand-drawn advertising character. In the early 1960s the unconventional marketing of Standox was already a trendsetter. Posters with amusing drawings about everyday refinish situations attracted a good deal of attention. A drawing showing a very fashionable lady who wants to have her car painted “pheasant eye yellow” for the season is a good example of the unusual approach. As a sample of the right colour, she brings a live pheasant into the bodyshop. Without batting an eyelid, the refinisher simply reaches for the Standox colour book.

Old posters and billboards

The humorous drawings with which Standox advertised its products to bodyshops in the 1950s and 1960s were very popular with refinishers.

The loving caricatures were so well-received that the large-format posters stayed on the walls of many bodyshops for years.

Today they have been replaced by artistic motifs that captivate their audiences by combining exclusive cars with colour and paint. Nonetheless, Standox continues to present slightly unusual ideas, based on its motto the art of refinishing. Some adverts became graphic works of art. For example the advertising series that began in 2006, which showed car body parts as if reflected in a kaleidoscope, resulting in a futuristic shape. Car paint had never before been represented like this.

The Standox calendars are another unique marketing tool that even today keeps offering surprising images composed of unusual vehicles in front of artistic backdrops. Many of the photographs are original images of high aesthetic quality.

Standox Calendar Image 2015

Wuppertal with its famous suspension railway is one of the motifs of the current Standox calendar.

The 2013 calendar showed vintage and modern cars in images that abstractly conveyed something of the spirit of the respective age. A limited edition of the Standox calendar is produced every year and is only distributed to customers and friends of the company, which helps to make it sought-after. Some editions are collectors’ items.

And another innovation dates back to the 1970s: In a time when customer loyalty was still an alien concept to many, Standox began publishing its own customer magazine. Interstandox, which has continuously evolved and is appearing for the 42nd year in 2015, remains one of the key means of customer communication for Standox – and it is available worldwide in several languages.