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60 Jahre Standox

Made in Germany

Products manufactured in Germany can today be found all around the globe. Made in Germany is not only an indication of origin, but also considered a sign of quality by many. The paradox is that this seal was initially introduced for quite different reasons.


Made in Germany was initially the opposite of a compliment. In 1887 the British parliament decreed that imported goods had to be identified by a designation of origin. The background to this was that the British wanted to protect their industry from plagiarism, junk and cheap products – many of which in those days came from Germany.

Over the following decades the quality of German goods increased so much that they were often even better than their British counterparts. And that is how Made in Germany gradually took on a completely different meaning. It became the sign of advanced technology and first-class production quality. By the 1950s, Made in Germany had become a sign of quality worldwide and greatly improved the export opportunities for German goods.