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60 Jahre Standox

Silver legend

A mainstay for more than 20 years

Shining race car: Tripoli’s Silver Arrow from 1939.

Shining race car: Tripoli’s Silver Arrow from 1939.

The Mercedes Silver Arrow W 165 is a one-off. This race car was built for a single race – the Tripoli Grand Prix of 1939. For years, German cars had dominated at this prestigious race, much to the dismay of the Italian organisers, who limited the engine size for 1939 to 1.5 litres – knowing that there was no Silver Arrow with an engine of that size.

But Mercedes didn’t want to be booted out of the race that easily. Within the space of a few months, Mercedes developed a car that met the new rules. And it ran like clockwork. During the race in May 1939, both Silver Arrow drivers Lang and Caracciola beat their competitors hands down.

One of the legendary Silver Arrows from Tripoli is today on view in the Mercedes Benz Classic Center in Fellbach near Stuttgart, Germany. This is where Daimler AG presents the greatest treasures from its vintage collection – all in impeccable technical order as well as wonderful to look at.

The Silver Arrow legend remains: to this day, silver is a popular colour for Mercedes car models.

The Silver Arrow legend remains: to this day, silver is a popular colour for Mercedes car models.

That also holds true for the Tripoli Silver Arrow. In the 1990s, this classic was elaborately restored and that raised the question of which paint to use. The experts in Fellbach decided on a paint system that had only recently been launched on the market: Standohyd. Given the importance of the car, this was a great demonstration of trust in Standox.

After extensive research, Standohyd had been presented to the general public at Automechanika in 1992. The innovative system marked the transition to a new era for Standox: its components contained the bare minimum of polluting solvents. Instead the system used de-ionised water. Standohyd quickly became one of the most successful VOC-compliant waterborne basecoat systems in the world.

Over the years, Standox has continuously worked to improve this paint system and optimised its production. It always used the most up-to-date pigment technology and its compliance with European VOC requirements was constantly verified. In 2014, Standohyd was re-named Standohyd Plus. The revised system offered outstanding coverage, good blending characteristics and was economical in use.