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60 Jahre Standox

Pigments under the microscope

Pigments, which create the colourful and glossy finishes on cars, are themselves fascinating to look at under the microscope. Here are images of some pigments that create special effects.

  • Silver dollar aluminium particles

    Silver dollar aluminium particles have a smooth surface. They reflect light in a directional way that makes colours shine more brilliantly.

  • Cornflake aluminium particles

    Cornflake aluminium particles, by contrast, scatter the light thanks to their textured surface. This makes colours appear paler.

  • Pearlescent pigments

    Pearlescent pigments have natural glimmer particles. They are coated with metal oxides, such as titanium dioxide or iron oxide, and so create different and varying colour effects.

  • Xirallic pigments

    Xirallic pigments give the paint a special glitter effect.

  • Flip-Flop pigments

    Flip-Flop pigments consist of coated platelets that have several transparent layers that shine in different colours depending on the viewing angle or location of the light source.