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60 Jahre Standox

Other notable events in 1955

A car that has long since become a legend saw the 1,000,000 car roll off the production line. And a legendary racing driver won his third Formula 1 championship.

The millionth VW Beetle

On 5 August the 1,000,000th Beetle rolled off the line at Volkswagen’s factory in Wolfsburg, Germany. It was painted with a special gold coating and decorated with rhinestones. The date also signifies the time when production of Standox car paints began.

The millionth VW Beetle

Fangio for the third time

On 11 September 1955 Juan Manuel Fangio became Formula 1 world champion by winning at Monza. This was the third title for the by then 44-year-old Argentinian after previous titles in 1951 and 1954. Two more were to follow.

Juan Manuel Fangio