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60 Jahre Standox

Kurt Herberts, the businessman

Kurt Herberts was a visionary business personality. In approximately 50 years he built up a globally active business. Our gallery gives a visual overview of the career of a fascinating man.

  • Fresh from university where he studied chemistry and engineering, the young Kurt Herberts (centre), showed his flair for business. In 1927, he bought back the business founded by his grandfather in 1866 with the help of his father Walter (left).Hilfe seines Vaters Walter (links) kaufte er 1927 die Firma zurück, die sein Großvater 1866 gegründet hatte.

  • Within the space of a few years Herberts, here shown in his mid 30s, expanded his business to almost 500 employees. His courage to invest in new ideas made him successful.

  • Kurt Herberts was not only concerned with turnover. He also believed in good training for his employees and sought out those with the self-belief to develop fresh ideas.e Ideen zu entwickeln.

  • Contemporaries describe Herberts as charming, interested, respectful, with a sense of humour and empathy, as well as sociable. But they also say he was a man who craved recognition and who was quite aware of his power.

  • Known within the company as Roman Numeral One, Herberts was not only respected but also valued and admired as a mentor. This photo shows him at the local theatre, the Wuppertaler Schauspielhaus, in 1971 on his 70th birthday.

  • In 1976, Kurt Herberts sold his company, which by then employed almost 4,000 people, to Hoechst AG. This photo shows Herberts (right) with the members of the works council, from left to right: Brückelmann, Pol and Brauer.