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Standovision Training Videos

The Art of Refinishing is to work in the way that the paint repair cannot be seen in the end. The experts at Standox know how to do this - and they are now sharing their know-how in user videos. Under the name "Standovision", they give professional refinishers tips for the correct and economical use of Standox products.

New training videos entitled Standovision focus on everyday repair methods. Paint expert Tony Mitchell shows how it's done right.


Standoblue Video 13: “Plastic Refinishing for Maximum Profit”


Standoblue Video 12: “Special Finishes - Refinishg Process for Tinted Clears”

As shown on the Axalta Global Automotive Colour Popularity Report, highly chromatic reds and in particular blue colours are becoming more and more popular. These very intense and vivid effect shades are setting a new trend in European car parcs. Standox developed a dedicated repair process to match the colour position and the strong deep effect of these highly brilliant colour shades using a tinted clear coat solution. If you want to find out more and want to know, how to repair these colours right first time, please tune in our latest Standovision Video “Special finishes - Refinishing process for tinted clears”.


Standoblue Video 11: “How to prevent or avoid Pinholes”

Have you ever been frustrated by the appearance of pinholes or small surface defects in the clearcoat on a finished job? What’s caused them, and perhaps more importantly how can I prevent them from happening again? Normally these occur in solid colour basecoats, predominantly reds/whites, and are the result of over application of basecoat. In this video we look at the small steps you can take to prevent such defects and examine a new innovative product solution that will help you produce defect free results.


Standoblue Video 10: “Standox Clear Coat Application in 1.5 Coats”

As the majority of Standox Clear Coats can be applied in 1.5 coats, we have released a video on how to get the most from this efficient process.


Standoblue Video 9: “Standox VOC Non-Stop Primer Surfacer U7580”

When you have a lot of new spare parts to paint, you need to have an efficient paint system which allows you to maintain excellent quality and can cope with the different substrates that are common to most cars.

In this video we demonstrate how to achieve consistent great results starting with our multi-functional VOC Nonstop Primer Surfacer U7580 as the foundation for a top finish.


Standoblue Video 8: “Fixing Paint Defects“

From time to time unexpected end results pop-up when Standoblue Basecoat is already dry. A blending mistake or dust / dirt contamination are the most common problems that painters are faced with. Follow our tips for a quick fix.


Standoblue Video 7: “Blending Without Colour Blend“

We know that many painters do not use Colour Blend when applicate Standoblue.

In this short video, Tony will show you which colours you can do without and give you tips on how to achieve the best results.


Standoblue Video 6: “Small Repair Using Colour Blend“

Every repair is different. We have made a small repair on this champagne-coloured Jaguar, which is made easier by using the Standoblue Colour Blend. The use of this blender will help you to achieve consistently good results. 


Standoblue Video 5: “Xtreme System: Turbo Fast Repair Process“

Seeing is believing! and in this video, we demonstrate a typical repair from start to finish and how the new Xtreme System brings the ultimate in paint repair efficiency and productivity whilst consuming the lowest possible amount of energy. And with the fact that quality and appearance are not compromised – thanks to the newest Axalta technology. This system offers a new dimension to today’s bodyshop. If you are really interested to see this system/product range in a practical way, then take 10 minutes and a cup of coffee and watch what we can offer you!


Standoblue Video 4: “3-Stage Repair Process“

3 stage pearl colours are becoming more common, and they require certain attention in the refinish repair process if you want them 1st time right. Follow our tips on colour card preparation, correct undercoat color, application process and blending-in technique to help you achieve consistently good repairs using Standoblue Basecoat.


Standoblue Video 3: “Blending-In Guide“

Halo's and visible transitions are the most common problems when blending-in high metallic colours. With Standoblue there is a fast, reliable and repeatable process, which will help you get consistently good results as we show you in this video.


Standoblue Video 2: “How To Fix Mottling“

Painting a bonnet with Standoblue is easy if you follow our technical datasheets, but if you do need to fix some clouding and mottling problems with tricky colours, then you need to know the best way.


Standoblue Video 1: “Application Guide”

In this video we show the essential aspects of applying Standoblue on the full side of a car. The focus on several key points like how the 1.5 coat process should look like, the importance of spray gun distance, how to control overlaps and how the basecoat should look whilst it’s still wet.
Follow these simple steps and you will improve your results.