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Standowin IQ

The gateway to the bright world of colour.

Standowin Standowin

Offering several functions to facilitate day-to-day work, Standowin enables users to have constant access to all the latest colour formulae. Its large database contains a wealth of features including:

  • A vast collection of colours from all leading car brands,
  • Colour registers and
  • Fleet colours.

Although Standowin allows users to search for a formula based on a previous determined coding, users can also search for results based on the Genius measurement system.

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    Standowin overview (pdf | 2.43 MB)

Our new online colour retrieval site, Standowin, is active for all Standox users. To get your desired colour result with outstanding accuracy and to protect your personal formulas, individual access is required.

Register here with your company email address. You can enter the full online version of Standowin with your personal passcode as soon as your access is granted.