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Acquire Quantum Spectrophotometer

Join the digital colour matching revolution.

The extra small Acquire Quantum spectrophotometer puts the latest technology and digital colour matching precision in your hands.

The Acquire Quantum features the latest LED technology and 3-angle measurement and measures solid as well as effect colours allowing fast formula matching. Measurements are done straight from the cleaned car body around the damaged paint area, so it is ideal for single-day car repairs and demanding colour matches such as variant colour shades not available in conventional colour documentation.

The Acquire Quantum is easy to use with a single-click measurement button, high-resolution touch screen operation and clear operator feedback via LED indicators and acoustic signals.

The Acquire Quantum connects with a direct micro USB to the online Standowin iQ software to quickly give you a complete formula match. With over 200,000 constantly maintained formulas always available there is no need for you to update your colour documentation.

No need for time-consuming fan deck searches. TheAcquire Quantum from Standox will revolutionise your colour matching process.

Acquire Quantum


  • Extra small and light weight. Easy to handle.
    Full colour touchscreen display. Simple on-screen navigation process.
  • Reads color and flake characteristics, to help you get both dimensions of accurate color match at once
  • The color touch screen was designed to be super easy to navigate and use.
  • Calibration is required once a month, not once a week and there’s no black trap calibration necessary, so it should be much quicker and easier than other methodsIt is designed to select the best formula when more than one is available, to ensure the best match possible
  • Can store up to 999 readings in its large memory
  • If no paint code is available, it is designed to scan the entire database to find the best formula, to reduce shading time to a minimum
  • LED status indicators. Direct status feedback.
    Reliable 3- angle reading technology. With Standowin iQ fast colour matching.
  • Always up to date with over 200,000 constantly updated formulas - no need for Color Box updates.
  • Always ready for use with rechargeable batteries.


  • Stable housing
  • Modern design
  • High Quality Handling

User Interface

  • Large and secure control button
  • Operation via touchscreen with stylus or thumbwheel
  • Easy to use supported by an intuitive graphical user interface



  • Measurement of the effect coarseness
  • Current LED technology (20 LEDs) provides higher light output Internal memory for data, such as the car brand list and further information
  • Pre selection of car brands directly to the device via touch screen
  • Optimal positioning for reliable measurements on a flat surface through 4 ‘contact pins’
  • Best Measurement results by avoiding extraneous light icon)
  • Calibrations less often required
  • 100% protection against stray light due to additional rubber ring at the measurement port

Direction for Use


Acquire Quantum - digital colour measuring tool from Standox.

1. Access

  • Identify the damage and assess refinish requirements.

2. Check

  • Determine the manufacturer and colour code.
  • Check if special pigments are included in the formula as these could lead to higher repair costs.

3. Clean

  • Choose a flat area as close as possible to the damage and clean it ready for colour measurement.
  • Degrease the polished surface once again.

4. Measure

Acquire Quantum EFX LR
  • Check the car and Genius iQ temperature (should be 15°C–30°C).
  • Calibrate using the white and blue tiles if requested, then take your measurement.

    Save the sample and manufacturer/colour code details which will then appear in the Standowin iQ software.

5. Search

  • Use Standowin iQ software to search for the best-matching formula.
  • Select your measurement sample from the Genius iQ.
  • Fill-in the manufacturer and colour code details (if not already uploaded).
  • Select the best colour match from the results given.

6. Spray

Spray car wing
  • Calculate the amount you will need
  • Mix the colour
  • Start spraying

TIP: Spray a sample at the same time as doing the repair so you can keep a reference point for your personal database.