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Tech Tip: Repairing a Matt Vehicle with Standox 2K Special Matt

Vehicles with matt finishes are currently in fashion. A shimmering satin or dull matt surface gives a vehicle a special style and makes it stand out from the cars with gloss finishes. However, repairing matt finishes poses particular challenges for bodyshops.

Repairs require precise preparation and considerable professional skill. What is common practice for high gloss clearcoats is out of the question for matt paint finishes. The more matt a matt clearcoat is, the more accurate the preparation, basecoat application and clearcoat use has to be.

Standox 2K Special Matt is a crucial product in helping you achieve an ideal result and below we take you through the best process for repairing a matt vehicle.

1. Prepare and clean as usual.
Prepare for the entire matt clearcoat application, as blending in of the matt clearcoat with Smart Blend Plus is not possible.

2. Basecoat application and flash off.
Apply the basecoat just as you would a two-coat paint. Allow for sufficient flash off time afterwards.

4. Apply matt clearcoat.
Apply the first spray pass and let is flash off for fifteen minutes at 20°C. Then apply a second spray pass. Let the vehicle part flash-off a final time before force drying it for 10 to 15 minutes.

The clearcoat/Special Matt mixture must also be stirred carefully before adding the hardener. Just like other matting additives, Standox Special Matt can, in principle, be used with all Standox clearcoats.

As the clearcoats all have different properties and mixing ratios, we recommend using the Standocryl VOC HS Clearcoat K9520 from the Standox refinish range. Only the VOC HS Clearcoat K9520 has the best basic properties for this particular type of application and is approved by the major car manufacturers for refinish work.

5. Drying in the spray booth
Allow the painted vehicle part to dry for 45 to 50 minutes at 60°C to 65°C object temperature.

Treat all fresh matt paints with the greatest care. Currently, damage to surfaces can only be reactivated by a total re-spray. Contamination, for example with grease, adhesives or sealants, must be removed immediately with solvent-free cleaner. Do not use any solvents!