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A new clear from Standox for forward-thinking bodyshops

Standox launches Standocryl VOC Performance Pro Clear K9590, a fast and easy-to-use clearcoat.

"Excellent results can be achieved with the new Standocryl VOC Performance Pro Clear K9590," says Jim Iliopoulos, Product and Technical Manager for ANZ. The new clearcoat, based on a forward-looking technology, offers very good flow and high gloss. Thanks to the low spray viscosity, it can be easily applied in two coats with just a short flash-off time. It is suitable for all car repairs - from small area repairs to full re-sprays. Iliopoulos says, "The new clear’s application is quick and easy, delivers excellent holdout."

Supports smart workflow
The drying of Standocryl VOC Performance Pro Clear K9590 can be flexibly adapted to a bodyshop’s individual operating procedures. "Its flexibility means every bodyshop can benefit from this new clearcoat," says Iliopoulos. At only 40oC, the clear dries within 30 minutes. These low drying temperatures can save operational energy costs and contribute to greater overall bodyshop efficiency. By contrast, if the bodyshop is focused on fast processes, Standocryl VOC Performance Pro Clear dries at 60oC object temperature in just 15 minutes.

Professional performance
Standocryl VOC Performance Pro Clear K9590 is ready for further processing very quickly; polishing and assembly of vehicle parts can begin immediately after cooling, which allows a complete repair in one day. Iliopoulos says, "The Performance Pro product range consists of the clear, the associated Performance Hardener VOC 15-30, the Standocryl VOC 2K Performance Additive 5870 and the Performance Blend 5730, which provides soft fade zones. It’s a special range that enables every bodyshop to work efficiently while at the same time maintaining the usual Standox high quality."

Repair in just one day
Thanks to Standox's innovative paint products, professional bodyshops can offer their customers repairs within one day - a service Standox markets as 1DayRepair. Bodyshops using 1DayRepair can target not only private vehicle owners but also fleet and leasing companies with the promise of particularly fast repairs. The operational costs for replacement vehicles can also be reduced.