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New Glamour for Gorgeous BMWs

The KEY Museum is the largest car and motorcycle museum in Turkey, located near Izmir. It has over 170 exhibits, from an 1886 Mercedes-Benz to modern supercars. Each vehicle is restored to its original state before being displayed, and they rely on products and technical knowledge from Standox.

For the last three years, there has been a good reason for car enthusiasts to visit Torbalı near Izmir, the KEY Museum. The museum, which opened in 2015, displays a unique collection of 130 classic cars and 40 motorcycles in a space that spans more than 7,000m2. The museum was founded by brothers Murat and Selim Özgörkey, and the name of the museum comes from the last syllable of their surname.

Many Classic BMWs

There are a large number of classic BMWs at the KEY Museum, including the Dixi, the first car to be sold under the BMW name in the late 1920s. Other highlights include the first post-war models such as the 501 and 503, as well as models of the so-called ‘New Class’, including an elegant silver 1968 BMW 2000 CS coupé. But the KEY Museum is not limited to just one marque. "We select our exhibits based on their impact in car and motorcycle history," says Efe Uygur, Director of the KEY Museum.

Extensive Paint Restoration

The Özgörkey brothers also own the bodyshop next to the museum, whose 15 employees take care of the museum’s vehicles. "Every car that leaves our workshop should look like it did on its first day," says Uygur. "We always try to determine the original colour of a vehicle," he says, “but it is not always easy.” Faded or weathered paint, deviations in the original OEM colour, repainting or remodelling complicates the task.

Standox Provides Paint and Technical Knowledge

The museum usually researches the original documents of the manufacturer. If there are no documents to find, then the process gets interesting, and the painters regularly contact Standox. Thanks to the extensive Standox colour database, precise information on historical original colours of many car manufacturers is available, and often the painters leverage modern painting technology to achieve the perfect match.

Uygur explains, "When we find an area on a classic car with the original paint, we use that to reconstruct the colour. When we do this, the Acquire spectrophotometer from Standox is indispensable, even if modern paint products have been used.”

“We work exclusively with Standox, for example with the Standox VOC System Filler U7540, Standox Basecoat and the Standocryl VOC Xtra Clear K9560. The main reason for this is not only the premium quality of the Standox products, but also the exceptional service. The experts from Standox have often helped us to recreate an old colour. And they even provide support when needed during the repair process,” Uygur concludes.