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Standofleet CV visual trucks

Standofleet CV

The benchmark in commercial vehicle refinishing. Standofleet.

If productivity is your main concern, Standofleet is the way forward. Designed and formulated using innovative pigment/binder technology, this innovative commercial vehicle refinishing system from Standox delivers genuine benefits for your business – superior quality, versatility and ease of use.

Meet market needs.

Standofleet has exactly the right solution for all requirements – resistance, high quality, easy application, environmental compatibility and efficiency. Based on an innovative modular system, you can combine various concentrated tints and binders to obtain a range of topcoats.

A single system is all you need.

From coating a grab-truck chassis to re-spraying the bodywork on a coach, this single system with its high yield and excellent covering power is all you need.

Yet, despite its flexibility, the number of components is small. Just 26 concentrates and tinters covers the entire range of solid colours used for today‘s commercial vehicle refinishing.

One system for all applications.


The Standofleet system is the right choice for a wide variety of substrates from trucks and buses to special-purpose vehicles. By combining its components you always achieve a perfect result whatever the substrate, your technical resources or the climatic conditions.

Ask your Standox Technical Advisor to give you an overview of refinishing recommendations tailored to your bodyshop‘s unique needs.

•  Uncoated/galvanised steel
•  Old paintwork
•  Aluminium

Superstructures/articulated trailers
•  Uncoated/galvanised steel
•  Old paintwork
•  Aluminium
•  Plastic

•   Steel
•   Aluminium
•   Plastic


Chassis of truck
Red bus commercial vehicles
Cabin of truck

Perfect tools for perfect quality.


Standofleet puts you in control.

We offer a full programme of customer support:

Painting of bus in spray booth Painting of bus in spray booth

Standofleet product training

Our courses bring you up to speed with the latest techniques and show you how to get the most from Standofleet.



System Tools+

The complete colour update and support system from Standox.


The latest digital colour management technology.