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Paint more efficiently with One Visit Application

Limit unproductive breaks to an absolute minimum, ensure an intelligent division of labour, do not allow energy-intensive equipment to run for longer than necessary – bodyshop owners know exactly how to optimise work processes. But there is one step in the repair process where even the best planning won’t help: the spray booth. It remains a bottleneck, at least for those bodyshops that work with traditional application methods.

The alternative One Visit Application method will, however, allow bodyshops to cut idle time in the coating process and in the spray booth substantially. Refinishers need only pay one visit to the spray booth per coating. Filler, basecoat and clear coat are applied in one-and-a-half or two wet-on-wet passes that follow each other in immediate succession. Flash-off times are eliminated.

Wuppertal-based refinish coating brand Standox has developed a range of products for use with One Visit Application. It is the only paint brand to offer a complete One Visit repair from filler to clear coat. Take for example the Standocryl VOC-Xtra Filler, which is ideal for application in two successive, wet-on-wet passes. The Standoblue and Standohyd basecoats, as well as the Standofleet topcoat and Standocryl VOC-Xtra Clear can each be applied in one-and-a-half passes. In the case of Standofleet and the VOC-Xtra Clear, refinishers simply apply a complete mist-coat and immediately follow it with a full, deep pass onto the still-wet coat, without any flash-off time at all.

The process for Standohyd and Standoblue is exactly the reverse. Here, refinishers should first spray a full pass and then a mist-coat onto the still-wet film.

“If we calculate the time saved over an entire day of work, it makes a big difference,” says Stephen Naylor, head of Standox international training management. “One Visit Application increases efficiency and is of particular economic benefit to larger bodyshops that have a higher workload and a larger throughput. And the One Visit Application products of course offer the accustomed premium quality and support that comes as standard with Standox. Even with this innovative approach, bodyshops can rest assured they will obtain perfect results.

“Thanks to a specially developed coatings technology we can achieve optimal drying. The hiding power of the top- and basecoats are just as perfect after only one-and-a-half passes,” Naylor concludes. “Bodyshops will not only save valuable time with One Visit Application, but also materials – without making any concession to quality.”

In view of rising energy costs, this application method, which was developed in Germany, could also be of interest to medium-sized and smaller bodyshops who are not struggling with high throughput issues. After all, every minute saved in the spray booth cuts energy bills and therefore benefits the bottom line.

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From filler to clear coat

From filler to clear coat: refinishers will save flash-off time with One Visit Application.