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Apply Standoblue Basecoat without any defects

Standoblue, the water-based basecoat from Standox, has been approved by all leading car manufacturers (OEMs). It continues to set standards with its reliable Made In Germany technology. Its 1.5 coat application with no intermediate flash off time, low material consumption and fast drying ensure that Standoblue positively impacts bodyshops’ success. Harald Klöckner, Head of Training for Standox in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), explains how to apply Standoblue perfectly to get the best out of it.

Apply the basecoat in 1.5 spray passes without intermediate flash off.

One of the greatest advantages of Standoblue is being able to apply it in one operation: apply the first coat in closed spray pass at a normal distance to the object. Full hiding does not necessarily have to be achieved in this first spray pass, but 75% to 80% coverage of the substrate should be the target. Make sure that the first coat is not applied too wet. The paint film should have a slight texture. If the first spray pass is too wet this can lead to increased material consumption and longer drying times.

The effect coat is then applied at an increased distance to the object with no intermediate flash off. Apply it evenly, overlapping the still-wet first coat. Again, look for the fine structure of the paint surface. The result? Perfect, full hiding and a uniform effect orientation without any mottling.

Reduce spray mist.

Apply on vertical surfaces from bottom to top as this reduces dried spray mist on the panels being painted. When painting several panels, such as the side of a car, the overlapping zones of the first spray coat and the second effect coat are staggered. This too helps to reduce spray mist and ensures a uniform appearance.

Avoid mottling.

Basically, to control mottling and effect orientation is very simple, but sometimes the results are not perfect. This can be caused by a variety of factors, such as application errors, the wrong choice of gun or fluid tip, or simply a complex colour formula. If this happens, apply another effect spray onto the still-wet basecoat. Apply that at an even greater distance from the object than the previous effect coat. Once again, ensure there is an even overlap of the spray passes. This additional effect coat can only be applied if the basecoat is still wet. If it has already started to flash off, it shouldn’t be done.

Refer to the Standovision video.

Standovision, a series of helpful videos, is available on the Standox YouTube channel - The videos aim to help professional refinishers achieve optimum results as well as fantastic cost effectiveness and customer satisfaction. The latest Standovision video is dedicated to Standoblue application. In it, an experienced technician demonstrates the optimal application of Standoblue to repair a vehicle’s side panels. The video is full of tips, including how to control the overlap zones.

For more detailed information about Standoblue, visit

Harald Klöckner, Standox Training and Technical Service
; Foto: Udo Geisler

Harald Klöckner, Standox Training and Technical Service ; Foto: Udo Geisler